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on the recovery. >> communities like henryville, indiana, are slowly recovering after tornadoes devastated the region less than a month ago. along with homes, memories are also lost. >> nice family photo. >> victoria george isn't a roofer or a carpenter, but she is rebuilding lives through her facebook page called, i found your memory. >> i lost some images before in a fire and i knew what that was like. these are things you can't get back. >> through the page, items found as far away as west virginia are coming home to southern indiana. one of the most consistent posters to georgia's page, the boone county jail, work detail cleaning the side of the road keeps a sharp eye out. >> it may look like garbage, but if it's a picture, old checks, you know, anything that is a possibility that could be from that tornado, they're going to hold on to it. >> when lori was reunited with her high school diploma, she received much more than a document. muddy decree was a symbol of the kindness of strangers. >> she framed it. margie meyer framed it for me and nailed it on back. you know, that makes
down the 10th floor of an office building at 601 indiana avenue northwest. there are reports that one person was directly exposed to the substance and that person is being checked by medics. right now decontamination efforts are under way as investigators try to identify this powder. >>> well, you may want to enjoy this beautiful weather while you can. we're going to take a live look at the washington monument. there's still a few cherry blossoms out there. perfect day to grab lunch outside. but that could change. let's get to howard with the forecast. howard. >> jc, we got a concern this afternoon for some thunderstorms that could be coming here and they could be on the hefty side. we've been watching strong ones across pennsylvania, southeastern ohio, extending up toward new york. but it's really been in this part of the world where we've had some hail reports and a lot of lightning. going to switch it up just to the doppler radar from this region, and you can see the strong line of storms coming toward wheeling, west virginia now, south of pittsburgh, approaching the pennsylvania
in northern indiana. the one of the scars caught fire. -- one of the cars caught fire. so far none of the chemicals reached a lake and no injuries. >>> happening today, crime victims are planning to rally at the capitol building in mississippi to speak out against the former governeer pardons. one of the attending is glenda walker. her son survived being shot in the head by one of the men pardoned by barbour before he left office. she says she is helping to get the word out. >>> grocery stores stopped selling it and the company suspend operations. >> coming, why governors and lieutenants plan to tour one of the remaining pink slime production plants. >> also ahead, if you are planning to get away for spring break, what you should know to stay healthy on your trip. >>> now "good morning maryland." >>> how safe sur car if you are a woman? -- safe is your car if you a woman. the -- for the first time the government is using female crash dumbies. >> the results have revealing concerns and we have more from has loss. >> reporter: this is the new female crash foot dummy 4 foot 11 somethi
. isolated sprinkles south of pittsburgh. you have to go back to indiana and illinois before you see the real showers we're expecting this afternoon. martinsburg, leesburg at 42. it's 49 on the bay at the-and-a- half acad maymy in annapolis. 48 down in reedville. 45 from fauquier county and this afternoon it's going to be warmer than it was yesterday with highs well into the 70s. might even 80s south and west of d.c.. beverly farmer's in with timesaver traffic. >>> and folks getting out on the roadways now this morning, at least nobs couples but the volume will show you with the ride on 66 as you head in from markham. manassas in towards centreville. fair oaks and vienna. two lanes are open. heaviest volume is here getting past centreville here 29 past 28. just getting past falls church. northbound 95 lights up dale city into woodbridge. either access the beltway or continue north on 395 has had lanes open. just the volume here with the 14th street bridge though all lanes are open. maryland beltway you're looking good too topside from college park into silver spring. heaviest volume is just f
committee, we've had several bipartisan hearings with congressman brailly in iowa and also in indiana and they have been very helpfuli us a new direction, new ideas on how we can assist our veterans that are coming home because we do -- ars in iraq and afghanistan winding down that we are going to have a large influx of veterans coming back hom wha important, and all of us would agree with this, that we have jobs here for our veterans. think of the things i would that we've had the discussion here about the national guard. i think the national guard should be utilized more.
. young of indiana who's worn the uniforofagain, has putha h's wa. >> i'd just add to what my colleagues said. any proposed cuts military budget ought to be at emphasis wind the budget committee. and i have to say,heard from tha clear, coherent, and strategic analysis that would justify the sort of cuts we see in the president's budget. wld , the president's budgetou defici reduction. all the other government agencies here at the federal ne increases during this challenging time. but it is defense that the president has indicated he wants to see bear all the cuts. our federal government's highest io to secure the common defense of the aic and we need to make sure we're preser hedged against future threats. we have recognized that the world hasn't gotten any safer in recent years in o in contrast, the president's budget, he ance budget figures for defense and other areas at the same time h w for our defense posture. the timing is uncanny. it seems to budgetary exercise, not a strategy-driven exercise. i would just say,hinko this is a where the federal government can make some the quarterl
're watching some showers and storms northwestern ohio, central indiana. front is back here, this is what we're expecting later, mid to late afternoon. could be as soon as 1:00, 2:00, may hold off until 4:00 or 5:00. temperatures frederick 44. 45 manassas. a lot warmer than yesterday morning when we had the freeze warnings. it's 48 in anyplace. easton is down to -- annapolis, easton is down to 39. looking at the highs for today a lot warmer. perhaps only the low 80s at -- 70s at the naval academy but fredericksburg and culpeper, mid 70s across much of the area though with the wind out of the southwest. they could gust 20 to 30 miles an hour. monika samtani is off but beverly farmer is in. hey bev. >>> they're doing a good job of picking up the road work too for the morning drive. on the beltway near tyson's, annandale should be pulling out of the way. 66 moving along freely here. looks good all the way in from markham coming to falls church. no early problems 95, 395 corridors, beltway to get to the wilson bridge. outer loop of the beltway heading west of college park into silver spring the
back into indiana. but we're thinking it will become a little more enhanced here, at least the shower activity as it moves through later today. we'll have scattered showers, maybe a thunderstorm in the forecast. we are under a slight risk for a pretty good thunderstorm for severe weather later today. just be ready for that possibility. behind the front, some cooler air along with sunshine will move right back in by tomorrow. thursday and friday look great. there you go, partial sunshine, afternoon showers a possibility as well as a thunderstorm. 74 your daytime high. once again, temperatures about 15 degrees above normal. wind out of the south and west at five to 10. later tonight, an early shower. that will give way to partial cloudiness and mild overnight. wind are going to pick up though. that cooler air going to start to work in during the overnight hour. here is your five-day forecast. as we get into tomorrow and friday, lots of sunshine. saturday, question marks. cloud cover, low 60s if the clouds kind of stay to the north. >> overall a pretty good forecast. >> good morning. >>
devotion to the house is -- as his commitment to indiana basketball. coach bobby knight once defined discipline as doing what you have to do, doing it as well as you possibly can and doing it that way all the time. john sullivan is the most disciplined to have served this house. he's consistently shown grace under pressure. what may be well one of the biggest pressure cookers on earth. he's strengthened and modernized the office of the parliamentarian to meet a more open and transparent congress. john, who was here on 9/11, determined how the house should go forward and has spent every day preparing for the unexpected. in a body where everything can happen, he's always thinking two steps ahead, like any good coach. so, of course, john's a modest man. he would just say he was just him doing his job. like i said, disciplined. but make no mistake, for the house and the people that we serve, he's gone above and beyond the call of duty. john, we're sorry to see you go but we want to wish you and your family the best and on behalf of the whole house, we want to thank for your service. the
the tracks and catch fire and that tops our news across america. >>> indiana, the train derailed about 40 miles north and west of fort wayne. hazmat workers showed up after a couple of cars filled with moulton surgical fire started burning. they decided to let it burn because water could wash the dangerous chemicals in a nearby river. oregon a truck load of smoked almonds. the fire started near the vehicle axel and then spread to the nuts injuries the driver tried to put out the flames but couldn't. officials say the truck's brakes may have been the problem. new jersey. a two-year-old fell out a second floor window at a home in jersey city. here is the boy's father. >> he probably thought he heard his mom. >> a neighbor saw it happen. >> like a flash of something. i just like saw something rolling off the window. >> police say it looks like an accident but they are investigating. the boy is in the hospital with head injuries. >>> minnesota. no card playing for a group of women south of minneapolis. they call this granny basketball. they say the rules are a little different but as you can
winds and maybe even a little hail mixed in. in ohio and indiana some storms ahead of the front. this is going on the what we're looking at for the afternoon. generally in the 40s for us and cumberland is 37 and luray is 52. beverly farmer is in for monika samtani this morning. good morning. >>> good morning a pretty good starlet building volume you expect that. got to go to work and school. but northbound interstate 95 out of fredericksburg and points senator into stafford. -- north overstared. the pace is pretty -- out of stafford. the pace is pretty decent. on to 395 to the 14th street bridge. no incidents to report right now if you are making that drive out of springfield on to 395 or for that matter the beltway oxon hill, the alexandria, inner loop heading for tyson's that's still a good race running at speed. travel right now on the beltway north and west of town west of college park on the outer loop, yeah all the road work is out of the way and the pace is just building volume. lanes open 95 and vw parkway. your next check of timesaver traffic is 5:38. back to you. >>> i
kentucky and indiana and ohio. that rain will move our way during the day on saturday. saturday right now does look like it will see a pretty good chance of shower activity. will it be very early in the day or will we see some in the afternoon? that is still the question i'm looking to answer. mostly cloudy, showers and storms continuing to move out mostly to the south this evening. 62 to about 68 degrees. tomorrow morning mostly clear. looking good. mild and rather breezy. winds out of the northwest at 10 to 15 miles an hour. maybe some gusts upwards of 20 especially once the sun comes up. then tomorrow afternoon sun and a few clouds. breedsy and mild. 61 to about 66 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 15 to 25 miles an hour. maybe some 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts tomorrow but that will be of the warm wind variety so not a problem there. friday fantastic with a high of 65. 65 on saturday with that 50% chance of rain. i do think it will move out of here on sunday leaving us with a pretty nice sunday afternoon. a high near 70 on sunday and as we move toward the beginning of next week, w
indiana. got a few showers there, as well as up into northern ohio. that front will be sweeping in later this afternoon. out ahead of that, clouds will be moving in. and here's your hometown forecast for annandale. by noontime, mid 60s in fairfax county. going to be the story throughout the metro area. as we get into the afternoon, ought to peak in the mid 70s. between 3:00 and 7:00 we could get thunderstorms popping up. and then after that, we'll begin to clear out. by midnight near 60. by this time tomorrow, low to mid 50s. here's the risk zone. all this area in yellow could get strong storms. it includes a lot of our region, northern virginia, as well as much of maryland, the district, into west virginia. in this zone, there could be some storms that could produce damaging winds and hail. time frame, 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. after that, clearing, near 50 tomorrow morning. during the day on thursday, we'll have sunshine back. a bit of a blustery wind. highs reaching the mid 60s. friday, off to a cool start. above freezing. afternoon highs in the mid 60s. clouds around. saturday, partly s
a comment from james on twitter. lowry from indiana -- laurie. caller: good morning. i have been a caretaker for some body-- they had a good job and they had good insurance. they lost their job. they started now with diarrhea. next time you have diarrhea, just think if you were sick for four years. how would you maintain insurance? host: i am so sorry. it sounds like an emotional issue for you. caller: i support having health care for americans. he did not qualify for medicaid. host: what he qualify under the new monetary limits? caller: absolutely. he has had three surgeries in one year. host: i'm so sorry for your suffering. thank you for sharing your story. caller: good morning. i think this is a good thing. health care, go ahead with this. congress has been wasting taxpayer money fighting the president on everything he has done. he has done only can and is still doing good. they have not come up with anything. they are trying to fight this down. host: a different perspective on twitter. "we're going broke anyway." tom in south bend, indiana. what is happening this morning? caller: i'm li
. quorum call: mr. coats: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from indiana. mr. coats: mr. president, i ask that the call of the quorum be vitiated. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. coats: mr. president, right now there's an issue on the mind of every hoosier and i think most americans -- not every american -- appeared that issue is the high price of gas. over the past few months, gas prices have risen higher and higher each week. currently across the nation i believe the average is somewhere close to $4, maybe $3.91 or $3 $3.3. in ip init' indiana, it's even n many parts of our state, well over $4 per gallon. that obviously has a significant economic impact on our country. it causes budgets to get tight tighter, planned vacations to either be canceled or shortened, families, farmers, businesses across the state of indiana are having to rethink their budgets for the year and make tough financial decisions for themselves. and this is all at a time when unemployment continues to remain high, persons ar, americans areg to make ends meet. rising gas and energy cos
, connecticut, oregon, michigan and indiana. some of those are important in terms of the electoral college. chris stirewalt and stu varney join me. thank you very much for being here. stu, strategic oil reserves? >> first thing this morning the french energy minister announced the french have begun talks, discussions about releasing oil from their strategic reserve with america. 10 days ago america discussed with britain about releasing strategic oil reserves. it looks like there could be a coordinated effort to increase quickly the amount of oil on the market. so far it has worked. the price of oil just the whisper of releasing the supply from the reserve, the price of oil is down $2 a barrel, about $2.50 as we speak. megyn: i thought it wasn't a supply problem. >> reporter: it's a refining problem as well as a long-term supply problem. you get a mine year short-term reaction and the president can then turn round if he releases oil from the reserve can he can say i'm doing something and it worked. i'm on it. megyn: doing something is what it appears to be about. those polls suggest the am
luger in indiana, you don't have a functioning government. you have a gridlocked government. >> and of course on the left, bob kurie has decided to go back and run in nebraska for senator. a war hero, a man who worked across the aisle. he is now getting absolutely eviscerated by the far left. >> well, that's precisely what i mean. they want to eat bob kurie because the extremes are cannibals. lisa murkowski had the answer. in alaska as, she was goured bye tea party. she came back and ran again. do you know how hard it is to spell it? if you spell it with a y or instead of an i they threw her ballot out. but she showed that if you informed the electorate, you can do the virtual impossible. unprecedented in american history. and that's what i go into in this book. i am also selling this book. >> are you really? >> let me help you out, senator. >> there are no rules on this show. we're shameless. >> let me hold it up here for you. >> donny is holding it up for you. i think actually this will sell it more. >> don't hide mika. come on. >> there you go. >> get that shot. >>> so do
in 2008 for indiana that voter i.d., which is the most logical thing, have a picture to get on a plane, get in a building and a poll comes out south carolina and texas i don't like your law. the rule of law they toss out the window. the auto bailout everybody forgets what they did to the rule of law on the auto bailout. >> would you argue that the auto bailout even if it wasn't executed properly was it necessary for the recovery we have today? >> no, you could have gone through a thing where government gave guarantees. i wrote a column on this. where government gave guarantees on warranties. if they give guarantee on financing, you get all the auto financing. the government could have done that without putting money in. and they didn't have to crash the creditors on their deal. they could have merged the two of them. they had a number of options, they didn't have to throw out the rule of law. >> jack you and suzy have a column where you lay out some of the issues you find that mitt romney has. how does he get to a one issue that romney in my opinion has to face into, it's the mormon is
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